Watch Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition Online

Live Streaming- the most anticipated part of the pre-pageant of Miss Universe Event is finally here. Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition will be this evening; Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The 86 gorgeous candidates of Miss Universe 2013 will try to rock the stage of Crocus City Hall in Moscow Russia as they show off their curves in Swimsuit and their most precious elegance in Evening Gown Parade. The 86 will be scrutinized by 7 preliminary competition judges and based on their cumulative scores; the top 15 will take the stop and continue the challenge of vying for the Diamond Nexus Crown.

Watch Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition Online for you to have a good hint if who among the 86 candidates of Miss Universe 2013 will make it to the first cut. Remember, the Judges on preliminary was a separate panel of judges. The judges on Final Telecast would be another group of people, so don’t be confused. Miss Universe 2013 will be another event of the year that you shouldn’t have to miss. An amazing showdown of beauties on stage with fascinating production and lively music, this s the 62nd edition of Miss Universe Pageant, This is Miss Universe 2013.

The names of the lucky 15 will be announced on the Final Night. Brace yourselves as we witness tonight a glamorous parade of beauties in Miss Universe 2013 Preliminary Competition. And expect a historical pageant production on November9th as we Watch Miss Universe 2013 Online.

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Watch Miss Universe 2013 Online

This November 9, 2013- another beauty will take it all; the crown, the title and the life changing experience of being Miss Universe. 86 of the most dazzling and gorgeous women around the globe againg 18-26 will represent their respective countries and vie for the crown and the title of Miss Universe 2013. Reigning Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo will crown whoever the lucky lady is on the Final Night. Live from Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia- Watch Miss Universe 2013 Online and be amazed by another wonderful year of celebrating femininity and beauty beyond anything else.

Paula Shugart and Donald Trump spearheaded the upcoming glamorous event that will take place for the very first time in Russia. Despite of the Anti-LGBT law of the host country, Vladimir Putin as their President alleviate this issue and permit anybody who wished to witness the parade of Beauty on stage. This is another huge event of the year that for sure almost all of the pageant lovers, sexy women hunters and fashion addicts had greatly anticipated.

The ladies arrived in Russia on the last weeks of October and started the beauty race right away. Among the candidates, many believed that the crown was most expected to be worn by Venezuela, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Russia or Philippines this year. These countries sent one of the best women that made the fever of Miss Universe 2013 really hotter.

The Candidates are expected to be scrutinized by separate panel of judges on preliminaries and from then, the Top 15 will be named. The National Costume Show will be aired separately and that is one of the biggest segment of this pageant that you shouldn’t have to miss. Remember, the National Costume Show will be on November 3, the Preliminary will be on November 5 and the Final Night will be on November 9. Enjoy the whole pageant! Be Updated and don’t forget to watch Miss Universe 2013 online.

The Live Streaming will be available on the airing date.


Miss Russia 2013 - Elmira Abdrazakova

Personal Facts:

Name:                  Elmira Rafailovna Abdrazakova
Birthdate:            October 7, 1994
Age:                        19 years old
Place:                     Zhelezin District, Kazakhstan
Hair color:            Brown
Eye color:            Green
Title(s)                  Miss Russia 2013
Major competition(s):   Miss Russia 2013 (Winner)
                             Miss Universe 2013
                             Miss World 2013

Elmira Abdrazakova as Miss Russia 2013:

She is the representative of the host country. Would you think she will fail to be in the list? Elmira Abdrazakova is enjoying the home court advantage and besides, in fairness to her she is currently doing well in the pageant. She’s beautiful enough to compete with the dazzling and glamorous Latinas. This European beauty will make a big surprising performance on November 9.

Miss Universe Spain 2013- Patricia Rodriguez

Name:                    Patricia Yurena Rodríguez Alonso
Birthdate:              March 6, 1990
Age:                      23 years old
Place:                    Santa Cruz de Tenerife,Canary Islands, Spain
Other names:        Patricia Rodríguez
Height:                  1.82 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in)
Measurements:      90-60-92 (35.5-23.5-36.5)
Hair color:             Brown
Eye color:             Brown
Title(s):                 Miss Tenerife 2007
                             Miss España 2008
                             Miss Universe Spain 2013
Major competition(s)   Miss España 2008 (Winner)
                                   Miss World 2008 (Top 15)
                                   Miss Universe Spain 2013 (Winner)

Patricia Rodriguez as Miss Universe Spain 2013:

Spain is so awesome! She’s gorgeous and exceptional. One of the leading countries for the crown this year; Patricia Rodriguez as Miss Spain is considered as a threat that you must to consider. One thing that I love most about Patricia is her eyes. They are so dolly and splendid. She’s so effortless. Fierce and Queenly. She mastered the balance of the two and which I think is very important. She moved very sensible on stage.

Many believed that Patricia is another Spanish victory in Miss Universe. She also has a good personality and always makes friends with other candidates. Rodriguez has this svelte body. Her long black hair perfectly matches her face and body structure. She stands 5 feet and 11 ½ inches tall- A good height to wear the crown on top of her head. Watch Miss Universe 2013 Online.


Miss Universe Philippines 2013- Ariella Arida

Name:              Ariella Hernandez Arida
Birthdate:          November 20, 1988
Age:                     24
Place:                   Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines
Alma mater:       University of the Philippines Los Baños
Height:                 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Measurements:    34-24-35 inches
Hair color             Black
Eye color              Brown
Title(s)  Miss Universe-Philippines 2013
Major competition(s)     Miss Philippines Earth 2012
                                           Binibining Pilipinas 2013 (Winner)

Ariella Arida as Miss Universe- Philippines 2013:

I personally believe that Philippines is doing well so far. 24 years old Ariella Arida landed on Russia with a silent register yet slowly came out to the spotlight as one by one she stoodout in activities, challenges and photoshoots. Aside from the huge fans she had way back home, Philippines also has a lot of Fans in Russia. She has this personality that loved by the other delegates and also with the Russian people. As one of the media men in Russia said, “Many delegates are so good especially Philippines. We love Philippines”.

Miss Universe 2013 Online Voting

If you want that your favorite candidate be in the list of Miss Universe 2013 semi-finalists, then do your part. Online Voting for Miss Universe 2013 is finally open. The Voting would be very simple. Just do the following steps and be thrilled if who will make it. Remember that the highest online vote will automatically have her spot in the semi-finalists. Be updated! Vote for your favorite candidate and Watch Miss Universe 2013 Online this coming November 9, 2013. 

The mechanics is very very easy.  Here are the few steps to follow:

First go to miss universe official website:
Then look for 2013 candidates,
Choose you favorite country to vote, Then Click that lucky candidate that you have chosen
Enter your email address
your Full Name
Click the scale if how many points for that favorite.. From 1- 10 (10 is the highest)
Just Enter the Confirmation code that appears in a box
Click the certification that you are 16 years or older..
Then finally, click vote!!!

10 votes per email per day..


Miss Universe 2013 National Costume Parade

This year’s Miss Universe Pageant is going to be tremendously amazing as it will be held in Moscow, Russia. (86) Eighty-six of the most gorgeous, young and fresh women of almost independent countries around the globe are competing for the life changing experience, the coveted title and the crown. This is the 62nd edition of Miss Universe Pageant. Watch Miss Universe 2013 online this November 9 and witness the lovely delegates as they ramp on Crocus City Hall with their colorful National Costumes, sexy Swimsuits and Colorful Evening Gowns.

On November 3, 2013- the candidates will amaze all the Russian community and the viewers around the world with their flamboyant and colorful cultures as they parade wearing their national costumes. This is the most anticipated and exciting pre-pageant segment. The candidates will ramp on stage one by one and show off what they’ve got from their nation to inform the world of what kind of life they live in their country. This is the most historical and amazing part that you shouldn’t have to miss. Watch Miss Universe 2013 National Costume Parade this November 3, 2013 live from Moscow, Russia.

The judges will pick this years’ top 10 for Best in National Costume and will award the most promising and significant costume of all on the coronation night- November9.

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